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We do repair and reupholster cushions, chairs and sofas with all types of fabric, leather and vinyl materials. an massive range of materials available in modern curtain designs. no matter the job, highly effcient people at MCD will give you a high quality maintained work. we are using high quality materials from selected suppliers


Our sofas are designed around the timeless principle of simplicity and harmony. With this you can create a sense of harmony and beauty wherever they are placed. This can bring style and functionality that you think for a sofa into your home. When visitors come round for an evening and sit down on your chair or sofa you feel, well, embarrassed by its sorry state. And, perhaps you’re using a throw to disguise your furniture’s present condition. If you decide to buy new you’ve got the un-budgeted cost for a new chair or sofa. And do you want to buy modern furniture when you prefer old traditional furniture? Of course you don’t. Any brand new piece would look out of place in your sitting room or lounge. From us you can be sure about the timely reupholstery service.

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If you want to know how to reupholster your chairs to a perfect condition so your furniture looks as if a professional upholsterer has done the job and you want to save yourself a huge amount of money in the process then you have to contact us for the best service that we have for these. That’s because you’re about to discover the secrets behind upholstery works with fabric, leather, vinyl etc.

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We try hard to meet our customer requirements, that’s why we offer a wide range of cushions for the furniture’s we provide, with no obligation, to help you find the perfect one, usually in the comfort of your own home, or if more convenient on line.

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We are helping our customers to transform there living space by adding practical, stylish canopies to their homes. This not only gives more space to your home and garden, but you can protect yourself, your family and your indoor furniture from harmful sun damage, as well as adding a quality feature to your home . So, let us guide you through our fashionable canopy range and discover how we can help you. Also canopies carry a big part in your business. A great way of attracting new business and making people aware of whom you are and what your company does is by advertising or by perfect designing canopies in front of the shop also can use when attending trade shows and similar events. When your business is attending an event or exhibition, setting up your stand with all the different advertising materials can be a nightmare. If your stand is going to be outside then this can make things even worse as you will usually need some sort of cover in case it rains. These sorts of pop up shelters have a number of benefits that make them perfect for business.

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We are offering customized bed heads in a number of designs with your chosen fabric. This are made in your unique style with quality, precision and care.

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Bed Spreads

Customers buy bedspreads which feel best when they are soft and cozy, so, have a look at what we have got for you in our store, select the best. These bedspreads are fascinating and stylish at same time and that’s the reason most of them are choosing ours

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